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What advice do you have for smaller transguys in terms of finding clothing? Nothing too fancy is necessary, I’m a college lad.
– Anonymous

How small and what kind of proportions?  I’m short with dancer/gymnast proportions (long, lean arms and legs, no torso to speak of) so I tend to go with either boys’ sizes or smaller men’s sizes in slim cuts.

If you’re more square or just out of kid sizes I’d go with places like H&M and TopMan, anywhere that stocks a men’s XS/XXS (usually these places cater to metro and/or emo college boys).  If you can afford it, Abercrombie (kids, not A&F) has a nice selection of clothes in the “between boys’ and men’s” size range.  For anyone who can get to a Celio, I maintain their shirts are magic.  I end up wearing the same size as a far better built friend, it’s awesome.

I also recommend learning to sew.  I know, you’re probably busy enough with college, but it’s a great way to get well fitting clothes for very little money.  Besides, it means that if you find something you like that needs a tiny bit of alteration you can do it yourself.

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  1. [also a smaller trans guy-though only heightwise]

    Thrift stores/secondhand stores/consignment shops. Cheap, and you can find gems sometimes-like a much-needed dress shirt.

  2. I’m short, so for pants I go to the GAP to find some that I like, then I go home and order them online. You can order shorter sizes online that they don’t sell in stores. A lot of stores do this, but it’s almost always online. .

  3. I highly recommend H&M, since they do have XS sizes which are a pain in the butt to find in most clothing stores. I also second the thrift store sentiment, but maybe that’s just because I’m cheap as heck and don’t mind wearing previously-worn clothes.

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