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I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a forum to the site when I transfer it over to my own domain (probably sometime in late February).  There are a couple of posts that have gotten a bit unwieldy in the comments and I figured it might be kind of cool to have an area to chat.  Would anyone be interested or am I getting a bit ahead of myself?

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  1. from what I heard, a forum is a pain in the tender behind to maintain. but then there is obviously that deeep need within us to talk til the cows come home… on the other hand, what we have now is working as well. it would be cool though to be able to post shorter stuff, like: did you guys go see the Sherlock Holmes movie yet? 😀 Go go! it’s sooo camp! Kian– hairy men for you!!

  2. If you’ve done it before you know what you’re getting into 😉

    Subtext? what subtext?? 😀 that film is so queer it bounces

    what’s Valentines Day about?

    • Lol, I figure if I can handle a bunch of teenage girls going gaga over a boyband I can handle just about anything 😉

      I’ve heard they toned down the gay aspects to make the owners of the Holmes books happy. Don’t know quite how true that is, but I would like to see what person thought Holmes and Watson weren’t sleeping together.

      Valentine’s Day seems to be a montage of sorts along the lines of Love Actually. I just know that it has Eric Dane playing a gay guy and that’s all I care about 😛

      • Boyband? What boyband?

        If that’s the toned down version, then the original version must have shown full frontal and sex. Obviously the two are not out and proud because that would be a bit anachronistic, but for a blockbuster kiddie movie it’s as gay as it gets. I’m only a little disappointed that they didn’t do an authentic Irene Adler (the only woman that Holmes ever took interest in) because in the books she is passing as a young guy (while Holmes is passing is a clergy man 😉 She’s a criminal mastermind, not a bunny–

        I took a look at Eric Dane, hadn’t seen him before. Again, he’s so not my type lol– what’s with you guys and muscles? Must be some sort of 21st century perversion 😀 But the film sounds nice, I liked Love Actually (probably because of Alan Rickman)

        • Westlife, mostly. Modded for 5ive, A1, and BBMak fan forums for a bit when I was younger as well.

          Well now I must see this film. Though if they screwed up Irene I’m going to be a bit annoyed. She was one of my favourite characters in the books.

          Haha, Eric Dane isn’t my type either normally. He’s on a show in the US though with Patrick Dempsey and I have an insane love of slashing them.

  3. another proto forum post:

    did you guys see that?

    I’m having an ftm biologist dr. friend check the study at the moment -> I don’t trust the media when it comes to science journalism.
    But the whole thing confirms what I have thought all along- that we don’t know yet how sex/gender works biologically.

    Not Aiden- they are already talking about application with humans, you might get your home grown dick after all 😉

    • Yeah, I read about it somewhere else. I’m pretty sure its real.

      Have you guys read this? It involves evolution, so I find it fascinating that we really do know so little about sexual dimorphism – how it works and how it evolved.

      • Hm, I just told a friend that the Y chromosome is a deteriorating mutation- I guess I have to send her the link 😉

        When you get to talk to scientists, you find out pretty fast that very little is known for a fact when it comes to sex and gender.
        F.e. the human brain. Female brains are different from male brains, and someone found out that mtf brains are different too. But brains are so formable that taxi driver ‘s brains are different from other people’s brains. And I believe that difference is bigger than that between male and female– this is not a joke.

        • And brains are constantly changing. Recently scientists have been studying the effects of GPS on thought patterns and mental imaging. Turns out that using GPS messes with the part of the brain that handles navigation. Makes perfect sense, but not something most people think about.

          • eek– sounds like the perfect commercial master plan, confuse them, then sell to them–

      • I hadn’t read that one, it’s pretty frickin’ cool. Makes me wish I had more of a background in evolutionary science so I could read the actual studies. As of now I know only a tiny bit more than your average bio undergrad (and that’s only because I figured evolutionary genetics would be a more interesting — and useful — class than advanced marine biology).

    • I remember reading that when it came out. The actual study is a bit more complex, but the basic principle can be pretty easily understood by just about anyone. I think it’s promising, but won’t be developed into anything useful for human application for at least another decade or two. If it’s even possible to use for humans, quite a bit of the time we get to rats and then find out that the possible human uses are too risky.

      Of course, I also got my start in med-geeking via HIV studies so I tend to err on the side of pessimism…

      • i just that for the study they bred genetically engineered mice where they could switch off the gene with a chemical. I assume it’s more difficult to switch off the gene in non-engineered humans…

        • That’d definitely be a correct assumption! How cool would it be if we could just flip gene switches though? All we’d ever have to do is find the genetic cause for something and then change it around. No more hereditary breast and cervical cancer, no more increased risk for heart disease, no more hereditary diabetes, anaemia, osteoporosis…and that’s before getting into things like the implications for trans people.

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