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I don’t normally do resource posts, but I’ve gotten more hits for variations on “Jewish transsexual” in the past hour than I have for any other search term in the history of the blog.  I’m not really qualified to speak authoritatively on the subject myself (not being all that well-versed in biblical Hebrew, let alone Jewish law) so here are a few pages I’ve found that may be of interest.

Judaism and Gender Issues – I’m hesitant to link this one because [a] it’s focused on MtF transsexuals and [b] it’s from an Orthodox perspective and therefore mildly anti-gay, but it may be of use to someone so it’ll stay.

Jewish Mosaic – GLBT positive site that includes trans* specific resources.

TransTorah – Kind of a cool site that includes blessings and prayers specifically for trans* people.  Bit too new age and gender theory for me, but still interesting.

I wish I knew of more places, but that’s all I’ve got.  If anyone can point me to more I’ll be happy to add them.  I’m especially interested in pages that discuss transsexuality in terms of Jewish law, but they seem to be hard to find.

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  2. Hola soy judía me gustara conocer otros lugares relacionados con ser judía y Trans gracias

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