Human Guinea Pig

Alright guys, I’m bored.  I’ve been working non-stop for about a month straight and I need a change to keep me interested.  So to fix that and in honour of the new domain I am offering to be your human test subject.

Here are the rules:

– It should be related to being trans* in some way (even if it’s really minor)
– It cannot change my shot cycle, my moods are rapid-cycling enough as it is
– I’m vegetarian so nothing that involves eating meat

Want to know how different acne treatments work?  Exercise routines?  Have a burning desire to know what it’s like to dress up in drag?  Need to know if the local recruiters will apply for a waiver for that stupid “no transsexuals” rule?  If you have ideas go ahead and throw them at me, I’ll see how many I can get through before my new neighbours start thinking I need to be committed 😛

3 Replies to “Human Guinea Pig”

  1. So since you’re a vegetarian, how about you can eat nothing but brightly colored veggies for a week. Or each day, you can only eat food of a certain color, like red food on monday, orange on tuesday, etc.

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