FAQ: Transmen and Pregnancy

I don’t know how or why, but people have been getting here by searching for various forms of “pregnant on T” or “pregnant transman”.  I don’t recall ever blogging about Thomas Beattie and I sure as hell have never been pregnant (babies, ew), but people are looking so here’s a basic overview.

Can transmen get pregnant?
Yes.  Both on and off testosterone.  Assuming you have a functional reproductive system, have penis in vagina (PIV) sex, and don’t use some form of birth control/barrier, you can get pregnant.  Now, the likelyhood of pregnancy drops significantly once a guy has been on testosterone long enough to stop menstruating, but it’s still possible.

Will hormonal birth control work if I’m on T?
Depends on the type you’re using.  I honestly don’t know which ones work and which ones don’t because [a] I’m not a doctor and [b] I’ve never been on hormonal birth control.  Talk to your physician and see what works for you.

But doesn’t T make you infertile?
No, actually.  It might make eggs less viable, but since there haven’t been any decent studies on transmen we’re not 100% sure.  It definitely stops menstruation (eventually), but there have been enough “oops” cases that I wouldn’t risk it.  That said, if you NEED biological children you probably want to have eggs harvested in case you are one of the ones whose junk stops working after starting T.  I’ve always wanted to adopt anyway so I didn’t bother.

So how do I keep from getting knocked up?
Use a bloody condom.  Seriously people, you should be using condoms anyway.  If I can get a standard sized one on my 13″ butt plug then your boyfriend can certainly use the “king sized”.  Remember, condoms should be rolled on with a small amount of space left at the tip.  Make sure the ENTIRE shaft is covered, check the expiration date (yes, condoms do expire), and use lube.  Tearing is most often caused by excess friction which can be prevented by a good lube.  I suggest just about anything by Eros.

Don’t want to use condoms?  I think you’re an idiot, but ok.  There are also sponges, caps, diaphrams, IUDs, and hormonal birth control (see above).  NONE of these methods also prevent STDs.  Use a damned condom.

Can transmen use Plan B?
My doctors have all said yes, but this is another area where we don’t know much.  Do some research, ask your doctor, and have a primary pregnancy prevention plan in place.

Will testosterone harm the foetus?
Hell if I know.  So far studies seem to suggest that an excess of testosterone can cause anything from miscarriage to really gay kids, but there’s not enough data to be sure of anything.  If you’re on T and can’t see yourself having an abortion I HIGHLY suggest having a primary, secondary, and tertiary plan in place to prevent pregnancy.

Doesn’t being pregnant mean you’re not really trans?
I don’t think so.  I couldn’t do it, but different people have different comfort levels.

Bottom line?  We don’t know a whole lot about transmen and pregnancy so protect yourself just in case.

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  1. I just came acrossthis searching forth aforementioned searches. Just wanted to add my two cents on plan B: I used it once, while on T, and I’m still childless.