Fuckin’ Finally!

First I have work, then I have to fumigate my apartment (note: always trust your instinct when it comes to pet-sitters), then my ISP decides to turn into evil incarnate, I’m amazed there are actually still hits on here!

I still have comments I need to get to so if there’s anything major anyone’d like me to know hit me up on e-mail (notaiden[at]gmail[dot]com).  For now here’s a question from the Formspring.

I saw you mention on your Tumblr that you could “legally apply for a women’s college.” (But have no intent of doing so.) Does that mean your paperwork says female? And if that’s the case, how do you work around that as a stealth/mostly-stealth transguy?
– cadethedo

My paperwork right now is a mix of damned near everything. Male license and passport, female birth certificate, social security listing, and health insurance, FtM on my GP’s medical records (he’s awesome). Since I’d have to register for school under my SS info (it’s required to match up for FAFSA) I could apply to a women’s college. I’m just not all that interested.

As for stealth, it’s pretty easy. The only time I have to disclose is when an employer runs a background check and then only to the person seeing the paperwork. It does require having some measure of trust in the people you work for so I’m always extra careful about screening potential bosses. I also make it very clear that this is my personal medical information and imply that spreading it around could cause legal problems. It’s not technically true in the vast majority of areas, but I can live with that.

Clearing up a few posts

I’ve been getting quite a few hits on posts that I’m not sure fully express how I feel any more.  They probably need updated, but I’m in the middle of a bit of a perspective change so I can’t quite find the right words.  In any case, I feel it’s important to mention that the following posts are no longer an accurate representation of my feelings and are in need of further clarification:

Issues with Social Genderqueer – This one I think is largely people jumping on one line and missing the entire point of the rest of the post, but that says quite a bit about my ability to clearly articulate the idea I was going for.

FAQ: Gay Men & FtMs – Oh man, was I bitter when I wrote this.  Serious breakup combined with a string of trans-related rejections combined with living in an area where all of the local gay men knew and slept with each other, I was not a happy queen.  It could use a non-bittered update now that I’m in a new area and no longer as bitchy and frustrated.

…And that’s actually it so far.  There may be more lurking back there, but no one’s reading them so I don’t really care 😛

OMFG I have a computer again!

Sorry for the interruption everyone, my computer exploded (almost literally, there was smoke) for no apparent reason.  I have a new, shiny one now so I’m off to catch up on emails and everything.  Advantage to not having a comp is that I was able to draft up a few posts I’ve been meaning to get to, with any luck I’ll be awake enough to type them up when I’m done restoring files.  Just as a warning to everyone: back up often, I was planning on transferring all my stuff to an external HD the day after the comp died so now I’m out like three months worth of music and documents.

Human Guinea Pig

Alright guys, I’m bored.  I’ve been working non-stop for about a month straight and I need a change to keep me interested.  So to fix that and in honour of the new domain I am offering to be your human test subject.

Here are the rules:

– It should be related to being trans* in some way (even if it’s really minor)
– It cannot change my shot cycle, my moods are rapid-cycling enough as it is
– I’m vegetarian so nothing that involves eating meat

Want to know how different acne treatments work?  Exercise routines?  Have a burning desire to know what it’s like to dress up in drag?  Need to know if the local recruiters will apply for a waiver for that stupid “no transsexuals” rule?  If you have ideas go ahead and throw them at me, I’ll see how many I can get through before my new neighbours start thinking I need to be committed 😛

Not Aiden Forum?

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a forum to the site when I transfer it over to my own domain (probably sometime in late February).  There are a couple of posts that have gotten a bit unwieldy in the comments and I figured it might be kind of cool to have an area to chat.  Would anyone be interested or am I getting a bit ahead of myself?