Yes, random Googler, you can get off after lower surgery

At least, everything I’ve read and everyone I’ve talked to has said it’s possible.

Other questions that have come up recently:

– NO, gay men who date trans men are NOT straight.  Honestly people, we’ve gone over this a million times already.

– NO, you cannot put your guy name on your FAFSA before you’ve legally changed it.  I’m sorry, but you’re just going to have to deal with it.

– YES, you can be gay and trans.  See the rest of this blog.

– NO, colleges and universities in the US are not required to place FtM students in male dorms (in the vast majority of states, there are exceptions).  There is no federal law stating that you have a right to a dorm that matches your gender identity, it’s all up to state and local laws and how accommodating the school in question is willing to be.  Some places are better than others, ask questions and look around before you make a final decision.

– YES, your high school/college/whatever can make a rule stating that you must wear a dress to graduation (assuming of course that there’s no protection for trans* people in the non-discrimination policy).  It sucks, but it’s allowed in the workplace as well.  Women can be required to wear dresses and skirts as long as their dress code is not considered more of a burden than men’s.  The good news is that often if you explain the situation to enough people (calmly, rationally, and politely) you can get an exception made.

– NO, trans men who like pink are not automatically genderqueer.  Don’t get me started on this one again, I’ll just end up ranting.

– YES, there will be a real post again soon.  Just been busy lately.