I know, I’ve been awful about updating lately.  Problem is, I have no idea what to post about.  Being trans is even less a part of my life than it was back when I started the blog.  I’ve done most of the 101 type stuff already so I’m a bit stuck on what to do next.

Since I’m not the one who actually reads this I figured I’d ask.  Anything you guys want to hear about?

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  1. I read … for anything, really. It’s just good to hear from another guy with a similar take on his identity.

    I definitely know what it’s like to hit a dry spell with blogging though. Whatever you decide, thanks for writing, it’s been great reading!

    • Cheers. Lately it’s been mostly about not even being sure where to start because I feel like all the basics have been covered and so much of the more in depth stuff is entirely based on the individual.

  2. I have been thinking about this a bit but you have covered so much already (and hooray for that).
    Generally, one thing that would be cool to see on the web would be more comments/texts by cis male partners of trans men, sexually and/or romantically. I can’t remember having seen much of that anywhere.

  3. Seconding what SoF says – if you have any cis guys you’ve dated (or who’ve dated other trans guys) who’d be willing to guest blog, I’d love to hear their perspective.

    And just for my own personal benefit, because I’m fumbling through this right now, I’d love to hear more on “how and when to tell a guy who’s hitting on me that I don’t have the expected equipment.”

    • Working on asking a couple of guys for input on the first. The second…I’m always a bit unsure about that one because what works for me wouldn’t necessarily work for anyone else. In fact, it seems like it usually doesn’t. So much is based on your personality, location, general ‘type’, etc.

  4. Topics I’d be interesting about:

    -If it’s not too personal, more about sex – the mechanics, equipment (toys, harnesses, strap ons, mini vibrators), how your partners feel, any problems, etc.

    -General dating/relationships – particular from a partner’s point of view – if they’ve only dated cis males before, how do they feel dating a trans male? One of my boyfriends didn’t mind so much, but had some “scene queens” making stupid comments about him “going straight” and other hogwash.

    -On the point about boyfriends, if they are close to their family, do they tell their family and friends that you are trans, if you’ve been dating for a while? If a relationship starts to get serious, are you comfortable with people who may become a large part of your life knowing about your trans status?

    -Legal problems you’ve had, maybe?

    -Maybe a “funny anecdotes” things – I’ve got stories like doing a bit of over-zealous packing, and a department store security thinking I was shoplifting (they had to review all the security tapes from the 15 minutes I was in the store, and concluded I came in with the bulge, but I still learnt my lesson about moderation).

    • Sex stuff I can do pretty easily. Might be kind of fun to ‘research’, actually 😉

      Stuff from boyfriends I’m working on. Just have to figure out how to ask. Most guys I’ve dated don’t know too much about this beyond “that thing you asked me about that one time”.

      Family stuff is an interesting one and a possible dual-topic. I know how I feel about it, but it’s not really something I’ve thought about in terms of a partner because they’ve always just gone with what I want.

      Legal problems and funny anecdotes are also good ones, thanks!

  5. I think it would be neat to invite other effeminate gay trans guys to do guest posts about their experiences. Sometimes it’s hard to say when reading the experiences of others could be touching or useful.

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