Guest Bloggers!

On Thursday Not Another Aiden will be hosting its very first guest blogger.  Since this is new to…well, everyone, I want to get a few things out there.

First of all, be nice.  I don’t monitor commenting on here very much because I honestly don’t care if people disagree.  We’re not all always going to have the same opinions and I think that’s a good thing.  Makes for a more interesting world.  However, I draw the line at personal attacks and bigotry.  I’ve never had to delete a comment on this blog so I’m not too worried, but I thought I’d make sure the rules are clear.

Second, this is not a safe space.  Not in the sense that most trans* groups use.  There will be times that we disagree.  Hell, there are a couple of potential guest bloggers that I disagree with.  Sometimes a controversial opinion might be expressed (I tend to do that by accident).  I’m not going to censor or otherwise edit people’s posts/comments unless they cross the lines stated above.  I suggest that if you disagree with someone you find a way to either debate them over to your side or agree to disagree.  Or ignore them/me.  That can work, even if it does mean less commenting.

Finally, if you’d like to guest blog send me an email (notaiden(@)gmail(.)com) with an idea.  It needs to be related somehow, but other than that I don’t have much in the way of guidelines.  I will not publish anything that is hateful.  I will not publish anything that could be found via Google.  I prefer not to publish anything that is specific to masculine trans guys because every other blog on the internet is for them.  If the post is amazingly good I might make an exception.  Maybe.  Make sure that when you send me a piece it is your final draft because I won’t edit it.  I’ll read it to make sure it doesn’t go against my rules, other than that it’s all you.

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