FAQ: Weekly vs Biweekly Injections

Another Google search another question answered.  This time it’s for the guy out in Bakersfield, CA who asked “should ftms take t weekly or biweekly”.

Answer: It depends.  I’ve done both with minimal differences while on a lower dose, but significant emotional problems when the dose increases (around 50-75mg/wk).  Different guys will respond based on their own personal chemistry.

A few reasons why guys choose to start on weekly shots:

  • Fewer mood swings.  The theory is that you won’t get the severe highs and lows associated with biweekly injections so your mood will balance out.
  • Less acne.  For the same reason as the mood swings.
  • Easier to tweak dosage.  I don’t suggest doing this without the supervision of a doctor, but sometimes there aren’t really other options.

Reasons to go biweekly:

  • Fewer injections.  This is actually why I’m on biweekly right now.  I’m horrible at remembering to do my shot every week so I end up accidentally doing one every other week.
  • Less scar tissue.  You’ll be doing this for the rest of your life so scar tissue becomes a concern.
  • Standard practice.  Most doctors start off on biweekly injection so that’s what’s considered normal.
  • How the T was designed.  Enthanate/Entanate and Cypionate were both designed to have a 2 week release cycle.

Really it depends on your body.  If you’re ok with biweekly then stick with that.  If not, try weekly or every 10 days.

2 Replies to “FAQ: Weekly vs Biweekly Injections”

  1. Agreed. Everyone is different with regard to hormones in general. I started on bi-weekly but it made me an emotional wreck. I inject myself every 4 days because my body metabolizes T really slow and my T levels get too high when the dose is large. You need to experiment to find out what works best for you. I’ve known guys who did it once a month and guys who do it every few days like me.

  2. My doctor rx’d every 10 days but I never remember so I do it once a week and I feel better about it. Technically I’m supposed to do .5 cc every 10 days, which works out to .35 cc every week but I just do .5 cc every week, because last time my levels were checked they were in midrange anyway.

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