Clearing up a few posts

I’ve been getting quite a few hits on posts that I’m not sure fully express how I feel any more.  They probably need updated, but I’m in the middle of a bit of a perspective change so I can’t quite find the right words.  In any case, I feel it’s important to mention that the following posts are no longer an accurate representation of my feelings and are in need of further clarification:

Issues with Social Genderqueer – This one I think is largely people jumping on one line and missing the entire point of the rest of the post, but that says quite a bit about my ability to clearly articulate the idea I was going for.

FAQ: Gay Men & FtMs – Oh man, was I bitter when I wrote this.  Serious breakup combined with a string of trans-related rejections combined with living in an area where all of the local gay men knew and slept with each other, I was not a happy queen.  It could use a non-bittered update now that I’m in a new area and no longer as bitchy and frustrated.

…And that’s actually it so far.  There may be more lurking back there, but no one’s reading them so I don’t really care 😛

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