Being off T sucks

I once again have found myself in need of a T refill while between doctors.  I’d go to the local GLBT clinic, but [a] they’re vastly incompetent and [b] no longer have any respect for the community they serve.  I have gotten more shit at this clinic than anywhere else in my day to day life, I refuse to set foot in there if I can avoid it.  So until I find a doctor who will prescribe me T without a therapist’s letter (I went informed consent) I’m going to have to deal with the hormone swing.

Things I’ve experienced so far:

  • Constant irritability.  I want to strangle everyone who talks to me.
  • Resurgence of acne (which makes me even more irritable).
  • Lack of appetite.  I went from eating everything in the house to not wanting anything at all.
  • Depression.  Not major, but the last time this happened it got progressively worse.
  • Lethargy.  May be due to the depression, some of these are hard to tell.
  • Lack of motivation.  See above
  • Increase in ADHD symptoms.  Major, but last time it tapered off after a couple of weeks.
  • General feeling of blah.

I’ve had to deal with this a few times now and every time it’s vastly irritating.  I don’t have the sudden, extreme hormone drop most guys experience (unless they’re exaggerating the symptoms which wouldn’t be unheard of), but when I have more than a month between shots things start to slowly get worse.  By the time I hit three months without T I’m a complete wreck, it’s not very pleasant.  With any luck I’ll be able to find a doctor before that.

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  1. I haven’t started T yet. I can’t even afford to see a doctor for it, but I can understand the frustration.

    • Yeah, I know how much being broke sucks. I’d never have been able to start T if it weren’t for the great GLBT clinic where I grew up. Even now I only can because my roommate was able to get me listed on his insurance plan. It’s one of the serious down sides to having to be on medication for the rest of my life.

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