Another reason why I tend to hate the entire trans community (post is unlocked which is the only reason I’m ok with posting it here)

The community as a whole is childish, bitchy, and rude.  I don’t like to generalise and usually manage to avoid it, but so far almost every trans person I’ve interacted with has been this way.  The ones who aren’t tend to avoid the trans movement just as much as I do because it’s been taken over by radicals who believe it’s fine to abuse non-trans allies simply because they are not trans.

I hate being treated differently due to my medical status.  I am a man and I deserve to be treated as such.  By the same token, I don’t believe in treating people differently because they may or may not have been born with all the correct parts.  This idea that cisgendered people need to feel guilty for being born the way they were is patently offensive and I simply cannot agree with those who perpetuate it.

I have the same problem with all the other “privilege” idiots.  I am a gay, female-born, ethnic, transexual from a lower class background who has all sorts of health problems and has lived everywhere from Beverly Hills to a back alley street.  Don’t try telling me about privilege.  Life may have been more difficult for me than it would have been otherwise, but the ONLY two that have ever proven to be actual issues are the health problems and the lack of money.  Even the health issues are relative, I could be far worse off than I am.

Plus, this idea that everyone in the world has some level of privilege puts off actually helping anyone.  Instead of going out and volunteering at a soup kitchen or working for economic reform people just sit in their cosy little thinktanks and talk.  If you really care about something then get up off your lazy ass and FIX IT.

But, no.  The trans community isn’t that intelligent.  Instead we have a bunch of sociology majors talking about how we all need to own up to our privilege before we can do anything.  Of course, even once you’ve owned up to having privilege it doesn’t go away so you’d better be prepared to be harrassed by those less privileged than you.

Bullshit.  Be polite to people.  Treat everyone with common respect and decency.  Think before you speak.  Try not to make ignorant assumptions.  If you do make an ignorant assumption, be gracious when you’re corrected.  If you encounter someone who makes an ignorant assumption, don’t berrate them.  People don’t respond well to hostility, if everyone would just take some responsibility for their actions and follow that whole “treat people as you wish to be treated” thing that we learned at age 5 then the world would be a much better place.

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  1. May I say that I love you? Not in a romantic way, I just really admire that you have more common sense than is commonly found.

    I haven’t ever actively participated in the trans community because I get tired of the radicals that overshadow anyone else that might be reasonable, but I’m also too focused on just being me. I like science fiction, real science, technology, architecture, what makes different cultures unique, unpredictable music, drawing, video games, star gazing, storytelling, symbolism, food, cats… I could go on, but I’ve gone too far already.

    My point is that even though being trans is a huge part of my life, I’m still just a geeky guy that would rather babble about how fascinating it would be to meet Amenhotep IV than spend all my time talking about gender issues.

    Hmm. I’m not sure that went in the direction I had intended.

    I prize politeness and respect; I’m glad that you do as well.

    • Haha, could you tell my mother that ‘common sense’ part? She’s been telling me I lack any since I was five 😛

      The radicals irritate me too. It seems to have gotten a bit better since I wrote this, but at the time they were in charge of everything I tried to go to. Three groups in two countries and I still couldn’t get away from them. I still don’t understand why it’s so hard to just be nice to people. Yeah, some people are ignorant, some are rude, and some are just plain mean, but there’s no reason we have to sink to their level.

  2. You summed it up FANTASTICALLY.

    I am still pretty new to the trans community, but I already feel really disillusioned.

  3. “Instead of going out and volunteering at a soup kitchen or working for economic reform people just sit in their cosy little thinktanks and talk. If you really care about something then get up off your lazy ass and FIX IT.”


    The P-word is the new Godwin’s law – once a conversation devolves to that, there’s no getting anything intelligent out of it, and if a group is going there constantly, time to bail entirely. But hey, it’s easier to tell people they’re not good enough and feel righteous and superior while doing so than actually do any sort of work, or be decent to people, it seems.

    And what’s with the non-trans “allies” that have drunk the privilege koolaid telling me how to be trans, anyways?

    • Oh I am so *over* being told how to be trans. I’m all for allies. I’m all for people trying to help educate others. I am not for cis people yelling at me about how I’m not a “real” trans person or a “good” trans person. I’m trans. I’m a person. I think that about covers any argument someone might have.

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